Lucy Howlett


What makes you a Boutique Sport Girl?

'The fitter I am the better I feel - in lots of ways. I've always been an active person, from Tumble Tots when I was little to where I am now, loving my job as a Personal Trainer and Instructor. I also like to get out of my gym kit and get dressed up for an evening out! I love dresses. My favourite dress that everyone comments on, I bought on Portobello Road.

What is your favourite sport/form of exercise?

My favourite form of exercise has got to be dance. I also love running outside, whatever the weather, with my iPod on - but nothing beats a good, long dancing session when out with friends or an awesome Hip Hop dance class.

Do you have a top tip for staying motivated?

My top tip for staying motivated is think of how good you will feel once you've done it! The physical, emotional, mental benefits of exercise are countless and the more you stick to it, the more you will realize that. You can always aim higher, so put your fears aside and go for it!'

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"When performance improves, spirit soars, confidence evolves and character develops." Mark Twight

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